Not Your External Auditor

Unlike that audit team you've got squished into your smallest meeting room, we don't want to hang around with our hand in your pocket every day of the year.

Our approach to the provision of our services is simple: project-based work with deadlines for completion set out in advance. And if we've poorly estimated the time required, that's not your problem. We honor our quotes.

So don't worry about losing the use of that meeting room. Our goal is to get in and get out. We don't want to be around long enough to take up permanent residency.

Highly Flexible

Not to worry, we're not going to twist you into a pretzel. Uncompromising positions are uncomfortable for all of us.

We understand that you're unique. That's why our basket of prescribed solutions is flexible and dynamic. We don't expect you to fit into the mold of our previous implementations.

Initial consultations are always on the house. We know you work hard for your money, and it's unfair to expect that you'll gamble it away wrecklessly. If we aren't your selected resource, your feedback is payment enough for our time.