Simplified Model Setup

Each month, Tuff Risk receives an enormous amount of data from clients across North America. The data load to their risk management software is time consuming and prone to human error.

HighQ worked with Tuff Risk and successfully optimized the process to require minimal input from human sources. When data is received, a host of algorithms are employed to manipulate it into the required format.

With the time savings earned through this automation, Tuff Risk can focus on managing their clients' interest rate risks with the peace of mind that their recommendations are based on fact.

Linking In Online
In recognition of the value created through participation in social networks, Tuff Risk approached HighQ to assist them in the development of a renewed online presence.

With a refreshed electronic newsletter, a blog, and profiles on various social networking sites, Tuff Risk is now truly social media savvy.

Using their new gateways for communicating with the global online community, Tuff Risk will have access to growth opportunities previously unavailable to them.