We've Got Talent, Yes We Do

Founded in 2008, HighQ brings a range of skills and expertise to the table. We're young, but we're growing fast..

With a vast toolkit at our disposal and a range of expertise from public policy and post-secondary education to banking and retail sales, you can rest assured that your BI implementation is in the hands of a master craftsman.

We love to learn, too. Any time spent learning and understanding your business is on our tab. Seriously. No, really. We've got this one.

Soylent Green*

No, we don't eat them, but people are our fuel. We recognize the importance of having the right people on the right projects. A bad match rarely starts a fire.

The company we keep is unique. Creative, artistic, critical, eccentric, edgy, intellectual, rational, understanding, and determined. Those are just a few of our commonly shared qualities.

We may not always have the right person for the job. When we don't, we'll find them. We have an eye for talent. If we can't hire somebody, our network is vast, and we'll always recommend the best.

* For those unfamiliar with the reference above, see here.