Web 2.0

The way people use the internet is changing. In the past, a static website with a list of service and product offerings was acceptable. Today, people personify brands and their dollars go to those they most relate with.

We know you're busy, and developing an appropriate strategy for shaping your online presence takes time. That's why we offer a social network setup and management service.

Not sure what a social network is? Just take a look at the four links in the bottom left corner of our website and you'll have an idea. You'll be blogging, tweeting, and podcasting in no time flat.

The Experience

We understand that your brand is an experience, and it needs to be consistent. Before we develop your social network, we take time to understand the experience that your customers expect.

Your online presence should reflect your current branding, but it doesn't need to be a mirror image. After all, your future customer is unique, and so should be their experience.

The biggest advantage in forming a social network is not always what you will get to say. As in all things social, listening is paramount. Customer feedback is valuable now like never before.