Project Management On Demand

With a growing web-based historical and predictive reporting software package, Tuff Insight has a lot on their plate. When they need guidance in building their data warehouses according to best practices, HighQ is there.

Our expertise in transforming operational data sources into appropriate formats for report authoring has been a positive contribution to this cutting edge development.

Whenever Tuff Insight brings aboard a new client, HighQ is the first phone call they make. We're team players, and we're there when we're needed.

Portal To A New Dimension
Web-based software depends on a well formed user interface. The user experience should be enhanced, not encumbered, by their portal.

From the initial stages of scoping user requirements to the creative design and testing phases, HighQ played a central role in the development of the Tuff Insight portal.

By ensuring a positive experience for their users, Tuff Insight can sleep soundly knowing that the navigation of their software is smooth and easy. User attrition? Not around here.