Better Than Picasso

Business intelligence tools shouldn't be an eyesore. Analyzing reports is already a bore at the best of times. The least we can do is add a touch of colour to make our visualizations appealing to the senses.

While you might not find our works lining the halls of the Musee du Louvre, they possess many of the same qualities as a fine piece of art: captivating, stimulating, yet very informative.

Don't let all this artistry fool you, though. While we believe in creating a contenting user experience, the processes driving our analytics leave nothing to be desired.

Your Large Hadron Collider

We're not colliding atomic particles, but we've been taking a few pages from the science books and employing them in our BI deployments. Absolute precision is an absolute requirement.

Whether we're using simple math to calculate year-to-date results or applying principles of geometric brownian motion to a random dataset, we adopt a scientific and methodological approach to model development.

What does all of this mean for you? You can rely on the information our BI tools generate when it comes time to make those critical and high priority decisions. Simple, yet so very complex.